Power meters DPM-5

This product is Discontinued

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Power meter DPM-5


  • Electric panel multimeter that centrally displays fundamental parameters of an electric network.
  • The electric panel multimeter is an ideal measurement equipment for industry control panels, power stations, engines, power control in buildings, etc.
  • Suitable for economically substituting traditional panel instruments
  • Analog outputs and MODBUS RS-485 communication

Power meter DPM-5

Magnitudes Measured
V Voltage
I Current
W Real power
VAr Reactive power
VA Apparent power
cos f Power factor (Pf)
Hz Frequency
kWh Active energy meter
VArh Reactive energy meter
  1. Keyboard with 4 membrane keys that allows for viewing of all measured magnitudes and for performance of adjustments without the need for programming
  2. Ability to connect to single-phase or three-phase networks with 3 or 4 wires
  3. Using the RS-485 connection, up to 32 DPM-5 electric panel multimeters for each line can be connected
  4. Measurements in true effective value

Technical Features

Measured magnitudes: Voltage, current, real power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, power factor, active energy, and reactive energy
Types of networks: Single-phase, three-phase with 3 or 4 wires (with and without accessible neutral conductor)
Power supply: 80V~270V AC or DC
Front protection: IP52
Weight: 0,45 kg
Size: 96×96×83mm (height×width×depth); panel perforation: 91×91 mm
Temperature: storage/operation; humidity: -20ºC~+75ºC/ -10ºC~+55ºC;< 90%
Regulations: IEC EN50081-2, IEC EN50082-1, IEC EN61010-1
Communication: RS-485/MODBUS-RTU
Speed/Direction: 4800~38400 bps/1~247
Insulation: >5 MΩ; 2 kV / 50 Hz
Voltage test: 1 min 20 kV / 50 Hz
Analog output: 2; NO (normally open); pulse duration: 80 ms; type: optocoupled

Measurement Parameters

Voltage Nominal (secondary trafo)
Voltage trafo ratio
Permanent overcharge
Instant overcharge
Accuracy class
Current Nominal (secondary trafo)
Current trafo ratio
Permanent overcharge
Instant overcharge
Accuracy class
Frecuency Range/precision 40Hz~60Hz/±0,1Hz
Power Range
0~9999 MW/MVAr/MVA
Energy Range
0~9999 MWh/MVArh