Introduction to the BAC25A battery charger

As we know, batteries are the fundamental element in the event of an electrical break, since the installation must continue to work. In order for the batteries to be in perfect condition, it is necessary to charge them to compensate for their loss of energy and keep their voltage within the predefined limits.

Introduction to the portable PD analyzer PRPD15

This is the most compact and rugged portable partial discharge analysis device on the market. The DRPD-15 has fifteen independent and highly sensitive user configurable input channels, delivering the industry's best signal-to-noise.

This analyzer has the ability to store test results from multiple objects for later analysis, without the need for gain adjustments.

Analizador de descargas parciales portátil

Battery discharger review


Just like the battery simulator tests the operating system of the battery, Battery Discharger does the efficiency testing and analysis. Batteries of any voltage, type or capacity are tested as per the efficiency parameter. This equipment is programmed to discharge a battery with a constant amount of current which can be adjusted from 0 to maximum rated value while maintaining control on battery. It is simple to use and does not need any formal training for usage. Its operation is completely automatic.

New BLU Series of Dischargers

The batteries are a fundamental part for the good development and general reliability of a substation, since during a power cut, it is a priority that it can continue operating without the need for a stop. This is where the batteries come into play, providing energy at those specific moments; so the inability of a battery bank to provide enough voltage to the protection circuits can lead to catastrophic consequences. Therefore, it is essential that batteries are inspected regularly to monitor their condition and maximize their life.

New series of micrometers RMO-G

Amperis in its continuous commitment to innovation, presents a new line of micrometers, the RMO-G series, which uses the most advanced switching technique to generate a curly-free continuous current, with automatically regulated test ramps. This micrometer eliminates the magnetic transients by increasing the current before measuring and decreasing it after the measurement. The equipment, thanks to a very efficient filtration, has a great capacity to cancel the electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in electric fields of HV.

Charging procedure and battery chargers

Batteries are a fundamental component in an emergency backup system or in an independent power network, so accurate battery monitoring helps optimize its life. This is where Amperis equipment comes into play. Thanks to the wide range of monitoring and charging systems, they allow an optimal maintenance and control of the batteries. Below we detail information about the general common loading procedure for all types of loaders:

Battery simulator review

Also named as battery emulator, this is a vital equipment for testing of battery chargers and battery-operated systems. Batteries of lithium ion (Li+), lithium polymer, nickel metal hydride (NiMH), nickel cadmium (NiCd), or lead-acid battery are often used in many portable electronic devices. These rechargeable instruments have charger circuits fit inside. When a charge and discharge current is added to the simulator, its voltage and current changes instantly due to its internal resistance. Hence, for testing these kind of devices, a battery simulator is needed.

Test on power transformers

In this article we define the tests that are performed on power transformers. And we will start by highlighting two indices that are the basic factors for judging the conditions of the transformer insulation: "the absorption index" and "the polarization index" (the higher these indexes, the better the insulation condition results). Let's analyze the following tests:

Liquid conductivity meter review

The measurement of a solution’s ability to conduct electricity is called conductance. All aqueous solutions conduct electricity to some extent. Using electrolytes like salts, acids or bases to transparent water helps boosts the conductivity and naturally decrease the resistance. 


Liquid Conductivity

New circuit breaker analyzers and relay timers

Amperis Products SL, in its search to offer its customers the most complete and highest quality equipment, presents the CAT I and CAT II series, easy to operate analyzers and switch timers, with a simple and robust design for field use . These relay test equipment allows us to obtain an accurate measurement in high voltage environments. With these analyzers measurements of time and movement are made, as well as voltage and current.