Earth resistance meters review

Also known as ground resistance meters, these devices are used to measure and test the grounding for ensuring the safety of the workers doing operations on that particular ground. Simplifying the concept, let us take the example of a newly constructed house. As we need to electrically equip the house with switches, meter and change over, there has to be a good relationship between the earth and the electrodes or electricity points connected to it. Henceforth, to ensure sufficient electrical continuity between conducting apparatus and earth, testing of Earth resistance becomes essential.

Energy quality analyzer AMPERIS-3561

In this article we present the Amperis-3561 energy meter, a portable device with a color touch screen that performs an intelligent measurement and analysis of energy according to the EN 50160 standard with a frequency test up to 1000Hz.

Power Quality Analyzer

Amperis battery rectifier review

Just as a computer understands only binary language, similarly batteries only emit AC (alternate current). But the electronic appliances like consumer electronics require DC (direct current). Therefore, there is a need to convert AC into DC.  For this important function, there is an instrument called battery rectifier.  It is used for appliances that require direct current source that is a battery and transforms AC into DC.

Gas detection camera. Uses and applications.

In this article, we explain in which industries the Amperis gas detection cameras are most widely used, their applications and what gases they are capable of detecting.

The gas detection camera is suitable for:


Gas detection thermographic camera

Infrared cameras have revolutionized maintenance in the industry since they allow to find electrical and mechanical faults even before they occur. The benefit is evident: cost savings, greater worker safety and improved product / process quality. These cameras also help reduce environmental damage, such as insufficient insulation in buildings or detection of environmentally hazardous gas leaks.

SF6 is a gas 24,000 times more dangerous to the environment than CO2, hence the importance of detecting these leaks.

Load resistor banks

Science has carved out a niche for itself in every iota of mankind and so has it’s inventions. Various man-made products have been acting as life savers and security providers. One such important equipment used widely in the industry is Load Resistor Bank.
For the clarity of this term we need to articulate first the meaning of a load bank.


Dielectric oil breakdown meter

It is is very important to check the Dielectric Strength of transformer oil because it is a sine-qua-non to ensure the reliability of operations of power transformers.

Control of industrial batteries

In this article we will discuss the control and maintenance of industrial batteries and their replacement. Batteries are very important in the industry, because they are used to ensure that critical electrical equipment is always on. When we talk about the applications of these batteries, we include electrical substations (relay protection and control), UPS emergency services (telephony systems) and countless industrial applications for protection and control.

Protective relay testing

In every electrical device there is a complete circuit or we can say a series of inputs which contribute to the final output. In a circuit, the switch which is connected to the normal open part of a coil to make the bulb glow is called a Relay. A relay is an electro-mechanical and an electro-magnetic switch which uses electro magnetism, as clear from the definition, received by it from a small voltage or current coming from a plug to shift to large voltages or currents.

Sf6 service equipment review

Broken as Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), it is composed when 6 fluorine atoms are attached at the centre with the sulphur atom, hence the name, SF6.  It is a supreme gaseous dielectric suitable for high voltage power requirements. This gas is colourless, odourless, non-inflammable, electro-negative and attracts free electrons the molecular weight of this gas is 146 with a specific gravity of 6.14g/l. SF6 gas is generally preferred from 72.5 KV- 1200KV. Out of the 10,000 tons of this gas produced per year, around 8,000 tons are used for industry applications.