How to discharge a battery

In this video we show the easy operation of the Amperis Battery Discharger. The equipment is very compact and incorporates a handle and 4 wheels to move it comfortably. These devices develop a controlled discharge of the battery maintaining the constant current through a high frequency converter. The operation is completely automatic: just connect the battery, set the stop voltage, the maximum time and the discharge current.

We are going to make an example of how to perform the discharge:

Types of partial discharges

A partial discharge (PD) is an electrical breakage phenomenon that is located in an insulating medium between two conductors that are at different potential. Partial discharges occur due to the existence of a non-uniform high electric field and have the effect of deterioration over time of the insulation system, that is to say reducing its useful life (dielectric stiffness breakdown).

Partial discharge is caused by dielectric stress caused by the presence of a high and non-homogeneous voltage in the insulation materials. The main causes of PD are the following:

Electrical installation meter and earth resistance meter

The resistivity plays an important role for the electrical system to work properly. Resistivity is the resistance of the ground to the passage of electrical current. Compared to normal conductors, the earth has a very poor conductive power, but this resistance can be eliminated by converting the earth into a good conductor.
The resistance of the earth is measured to:

Load bank test

The equipment

The Load Banks are devices designed for the supply of electric charges in order to prove the supply of electric power. They simulate variable conditions of electrical charge that can be controlled, measured and recorded accurately.

The objective of these devices is to test the power protection system (and components) under load conditions but without risk of supply to protected loads.

Battery rectifier

The industrial rectifier is designed to supply safe and stabilized DC to the services that, due to its characteristics, require a reliable and uninterrupted power supply in the event of a possible power failure in the network. It is used for all applications that require a direct current source.

Battery simulator

As we know, proper maintenance of the battery helps to optimize its life cycle. The charger is the equipment that performs the recharge of the battery to fully recover the extracted energy, so it is important to optimize the battery life. Verify that the charging operation is carried out properly means that the battery charges faster and take more time to discharge. So electric traction vehicles (electric trucks, elevators, golf carts, material handling equipment, etc.) which the battery is recharged, will operate in optimal conditions.


Maintenance of industrial batteries

The correct maintenance of batteries is essential to warn his exhaustion and to know when to replace it. With proper maintenance, we can avoid the battery failure. Each type of battery has several types of failure, depending on the type of battery. Some failures occur due to the use and others occur naturally, but proper maintained can reduce the risks of premature battery failure.

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