SF6 gas recovery unit - AGRU-8 series

At Amperis, we are committed to providing our clients with all sorts of instrumentation and testing solutions. Ranging from high voltage testing equipments to gas recovery units, our instruments are reliable, easy to use and most importantly, safe to operate.
These SF6 gas recovery units from AGRU-8 series are easy to operate, trustworthy and efficient.

The equipment for measuring contact resistances: Microhmmeters

Microhmmeters are used for measuring contact resistances in high-voltage breakers, knife-contact fuses, disconnecting switches (isolators), bus-bar joints, line joints, etc.

VLF Testing

Very low frequency (VLF) testing allows to detection of insulation damages in the shortest possible testing time without affecting the quality of the insulation material. This technique allows you test medium voltage cables.

Battery charger testing

Every charger being serviced should be given a routine, step-by-step test procedure that will reveal quickly the cause, or causes, of failure.

Meters and battery testers

The most common electric meters used in battery chargers are "charge rate" indicators (D.C. ammeters) either with or without an external shunt, and "bulb indicators," which are zero center D.C. ammeters with an external shunt. In combination battery chargers and battery testers, there may be an additional calibrated battery testing voltmeter. Also, there may be D.C. voltmeters, A.C. ammeters and A.C. voltmeters, or an ampere-hour meter.

D.C. Ammeters

Test equipment required for battery chargers

It does not require a lot of time to test and repair battery chargers, if the proper equipment and tools are available and the test procedures are understood.

Current Limiting Input Tester

Before testing any battery charger, plug it into a current limiting outlet to prevent blowing fuses in case of a short circuit. Such a current limiting input test set can be made by following the schematic wiring diagram shown in Figure 1-1.

Testing dual IGBT modules of Amperis Battery Discharger

With ref to the electric schematic of Amperis Battery Discharger´s IGBT module, a dual IGBT module is composed by two Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) with two Diodes in antiparallel.

IGBT modules can be tested rapidly, by using a standard multimeter, and the test consists in verifying three things:

Troubleshooting guide for discharger potentiometers

Proceedure for fixing defect potentiometer R1

  • 1) Get information from the customer, ask to use email (Ref. and to provide:
  • a) serial number of the unit from the customer, if recv tel ask to use email immediately for SN and item 2) below.

WHY? From Arca it is possible to see if the unit is under warranty (2 year) or not