Battery discharger troubleshooting Guide

Components needed to run the test on Battery Discharger (BD):

  • Voltmeter tester
  • Battery (from 12V to the maximum possible for the BD)


A) Remove the 2 side panels and the cover. Check that all the connectors and connection are properly connected.

Description and treatment of sulphated batteries using the mmf charger and the discharger/analyzer

A sulphated battery is one which has been left standing in a discharged condition or undercharged to the point where abnormal lead sulphate has formed on the plates.

When this occurs the chemical reactions within the battery are impeded and loss of capacity result.

This document does not cover all the electricity theory and technology involved in the process of sulphation in battery operated system. For more information, please refer to specialized literature.


Most cases of sulphation are caused by: