Amperis battery rectifier review

Just as a computer understands only binary language, similarly batteries only emit AC (alternate current). But the electronic appliances like consumer electronics require DC (direct current). Therefore, there is a need to convert AC into DC.  For this important function, there is an instrument called battery rectifier.  It is used for appliances that require direct current source that is a battery and transforms AC into DC. It facilitates the consistent and uninterrupted flow of power for some time in the absence of power/electricity.


  • Standard voltage:  includes Nominal voltages of 24.48,220 VDC
  • Maximum Output : 10,20,30,40,50,100,150,200,320,500 A

Functions of battery rectifiers:

  • It is a mechanical, power fortifying battery component which is designed for reliable industrial applications
  • It bears along the advantage of easy access and maintenance on site.
  • It is a universal equipment valid for all types of batteries.
  • It can be used as a power source without batteries.
  • Battery rectifiers keep the battery charged (float charge) and give constant consumption in CC.

Battery Rectifier Amperis MMF-ASR

This rectifier is an important instrument for converting the inputs into required outputs. The Amperis MMF-ASR battery rectifier has the robust technology which consolidates the connection of various devices. It is created to provide the flow of DC to critical applications, which require charge to be free from harmonic distortions, electrically isolated and independent from the supply source and must always be energized.  It has an excellent part to its’ structure.
In order to avoid the inefficient use of electrical energy, a low power factor which is emitted by the high harmonic content needs to be reduced. The control of the output parameters is therefore achieved by regulation with 6 or 12 pulse thyristors  and consequently the ripple is filtered. 


The Amperis MMF-ASR battery rectifier has three main components responsible for its effective performance namely:

  • Transformer: Its’ an electrical device by which the AC voltage is dragged down. By means of electro-magnetic induction, it converts the alternating electric energy with a voltage, into the alternating energy of another level of tension with the same frequency.
  • Rectifier: it is the main part of the whole product that Amperis provides. It is a device that transforms the alternating current into direct current. Now the whole purpose is to convert the sinusoidal alternating signal to a continuous signal.
  • Filter: As the goal is to avoid the ripples, a regulator eliminates ripple swings.

So to conclude, the battery rectifiers deliver three main functions as mentioned pre hand:

  • Converting AC into DC
  • Battery recharge.
  • Power supply during  power cuts

Widely used applications:

  • Formation of battery
  • Battery testing
  • Conditioning and desulfation


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