Battery simulator review

Also named as battery emulator, this is a vital equipment for testing of battery chargers and battery-operated systems. Batteries of lithium ion (Li+), lithium polymer, nickel metal hydride (NiMH), nickel cadmium (NiCd), or lead-acid battery are often used in many portable electronic devices. These rechargeable instruments have charger circuits fit inside. When a charge and discharge current is added to the simulator, its voltage and current changes instantly due to its internal resistance. Hence, for testing these kind of devices, a battery simulator is needed.

Functions of a Battery Simulator:

  • To fortify the batteries of any kind and power composition
  • To measure the power consumption of the product under testing, i.e. the current and the voltage
  • To measures heat and temperature of the batteries by way of thermal wire amplifier
  • High side mosfet which is ideal for high speed applications such as motor control and switch mode power supplies
  • Make best use of Mosfet which is designed for providing flow of current up to a certain level to maintain the output of the source A battery simulator power supply is useful for bench testing and also production testing..
  • It is able to do transition between sink (leakage) and source current without any jerks, even at high pace.
  • To provide energy input for the electrical products

All in all, a battery emulator can easily reduce the hours of test timing by simply varying the voltage and simulating the battery being charged or discharged and also can  increase the running life and performance of the batteries to a fair extent.

Amperis Battery Simulator and Charger Tester

Oriented with simplicity and flexibility, this smart device is CE certified, cCSAus Listed and it  wipes out the need of connecting a battery to the charger to be tested; More to add, it can be used not only to discharge batteries but also for other purposes.
The devices is supplemented with the following attachments and features :

  • Digital voltmeter
  • Analog ammeter
  • Voltage selection knob (12-24-36-48-72-80 V)
  • Voltage fine adjustment potentiometer
  • Current limit potentiometer (0-150A)
  • High frequency IGBT electronic load, exhibiting regular current / voltage operation
  • Rugged construction for maximum reliability in heavy duty industrial applications
  • Intelligent Electronic Protection System (EPS), (includes soft start, over temperature, overload protection)
  • Programmable digital board, governed by microprocessor
  • Enables testing of chargers of any type, Voltage and Current
  • Enables discharge of batteries of any type, voltage and capacity
  • Digital voltmeter display + Analog ammeter

Therefore, Amperis battery simulator  is a compact and portable device and has a sophisticated structure with added wheels for easy movement and a better operating system.


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