Amperis AC Load Bank

Amperis AC Load Bank

The best AC load banks for testing UPS, AC supplies...

Power resistors are used in generator load banks to avoid fouling of the diesel engine when the generator is operating at low power. Therefore, load bank are also used to reduce “wet stacking” issue in diesel engines. In addition, it is standard practice to use power resistors as load banks to maintain batteries in electrical laboratories, industrial testing facilities and telecommunications facilities.

  • We offer inductive load banks that can vary their power factor between 0.8 and 1.
  • Remote control or local, available in fixed and portable applications on any load banks.

Compact, ergonomic, silent and modular, the new models in our wide range have increased reliability which will help to maintain the excellent reputation of Amperis Products.


  • Natural convection cooling
  • Power from 5 to 120kW in a single frame
  • Connection on the lower part of the unit (the cooler area)
  • IP13 ingress protection rating (normal outdoor use)
  • Options: terminals rail (DIN), IP23 protection, castor wheels.

Ordering information:


i.e. 400V


i.e. 50Hz

Total Power

i.e. 3,3kW

Power Steps

i.e. 1

Configuration (Single phase, Three phase kW/phase)

i.e. Thre phase, 1,1 kW/phase

Forced  ventilation (Yes/No)

i.e. No

Tunnel type (Yes/No)

i.e. No

Control panel (Yes/No)

i.e. No

Auxiliary power (Configuration)

i.e. 400V 50Hz Three Phase

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